Born 10/26/42 in Chicago, IL.  Oldest of eight children.  Raised in the Chicago suburbs until 1959 or 1960, when we moved to Alexandria, VA, just outside Washington, DC.

My parents were the opposite of “helicopter parents”.  We children always did quite a lot on our own.  This culminated in my traveling alone, by train, to Mount Rainier, Washington state for two years during the summer for a summer job with the US Park Service.

I served in the U.S. Army for three years from 1964 to 1967.  Duty stations included Baltimore, Washington and Vietnam.

June 1969 graduated from Georgetown University, Washington, DC, AB (bachelor of arts in Latin)

June 1973 Obtained a degree from University of Virginia, Charlottesville Virginia, JD

My office has been in Lapeer since 1996.  I am active in Rotary in Lapeer.  I am also active in the Lapeer and Oakland County Bar Association’s.  I am a past president of the Lapeer County Bar Association.  I live in Windsor, Ontario.  I am a member of my church’s finance committee as well as being financial secretary of Council 4924 of the Knights of Columbus.  In my spare time, I like to read, travel, and spend time with my two children, and three stepchildren.

I have practiced law in Michigan for 44 years.  I am a civil litigator and am admitted to practice in all courts in the state of Michigan as well as the federal district court for the Eastern District of Michigan, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes Michigan) and the United States Supreme Court.  I sit as a case evaluator in both Lapeer and Oakland counties.  Although most of my cases are in Lapeer or Oakland counties, I do handle cases throughout the southeastern Michigan and, occasionally, in the rest of the state.

I only handle a few types of criminal law.  The cases that I do handle are generally traffic offenses such as drunk driving.

Other than that, I handle most of the kinds of things that the average person needs.  I do not represent the entities that oppose the average person, such as insurance companies.

Things the average person needs, and that I do, includes estate and elder care planning, handling probate estates and litigating issues in probate court.

I handle divorces and post judgment matters, such as change of custody.  I also handle stepparent adoptions.

I will become involved in an appropriate legal or medical malpractice case.  I also handle other types of torts, such as automobile accidents, and other situations where people get injured.

People should want to utilize my services for a number of reasons.  First of all, I am very good in the courtroom.  I understand the strategy and tactics and I am willing to put in the work so that my client ends up in as good a position as possible.  Second, I care about my clients.  Third, I want my clients to understand what is going on.  I am always willing to answer questions and to explain things until the client is satisfied.